Raderstorf World Wide Adventure

Monday, March 07, 2005

Doubtful Sound by Max

Our tour in Doubtful Sound started with a boat ride. The boat took us across Lake Manapouri. On the boat we saw leaning peak, some beautiful hills that were a cross between L.O.T.R and Jurassic Park and due to the large rain fall the day before here were a bunch of temporary waterfalls as well as some larger permanent waterfalls. Soon we arrived at our first stop, The Hydro Electric Power Plant. After an interesting tour through it we got on a bus. The bus ride was just as beautiful as the boat ride but that is about all I can do to describe it. At the end of the bus ride we boarded another larger boat that was sailing up the sound. That trip was just about as scenic as the last one but a lot more eventful. For example, we saw both seals and dolphins. But a few hours later we found ourselves back at the hotel. After a short dinner we were all ready for bed.

To see the Pics, Click Here : http://www.flickr.com/photos/raderstorfwwa/sets/156761/


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