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Monday, February 07, 2005

Hoi An:The land of a million tailor shops

Ben's Journal Entry from Feb 1st,2005

Hoi An is a very cool town. What makes it special are the tailor shops on literally every corner. People come from all over Vietnam to have clothes custom made. We were going to take a picture of all of them, until we realized we’d run out of disk space. Not wanting to miss out, we all got some things made. Can you believe that my mom shipped my long pants for Nepal back with her silk dresses? I guess it doesn’t matter because we aren’t going anymore due too bad political situations. Max and Quin spent much of their time at the internet Café playing “Age of Empires”, but hey, at 100 dong per minute, who can blame them. Our time in Hoi An was way to short and we were soon on the bus to Da Nang International Airport. We were all sad to leave, except for Mom, who was happy to escape the clutches of the evil purple lady. If you visit Hoi An, steer clear of a slightly plump lady dressed in purple. If you get caught, buy from her shop, or else!!

Click here to see the Pics : http://www.flickr.com/photos/raderstorfwwa/sets/127765/


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