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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Ha Noi, Vietnam

Ben's Journal Entry - Feb 8th, 2005

Hanoi has to be one of the noisiest cities in the world. All of the streets are tiny but are entirely filled with motorcycles, so they can move ten times as many people through the streets. For dinner on the first night, Mom, Quin, and Max ordered pizza while Dad and I went on a quest to find some real food. Our efforts were rewarded by the Cyclo Restaurant, a lovely French place that let us in even though it was two minutes to closing time.

The next morning I awoke in complete darkness. I looked oat my watch and was surprised to see that it was after nine. Our room was like a cave. The only light came from under the door. The breakfast was complimentary, but you couldn’t have paid me to eat it; cold scrambled eggs, disgusting fake orange juice and toast that wasn’t even toasted. We all decided that we weren’t hungry and would wait until lunch.

Two blocks from our hotel was a lake with several temples in the middle. Even though the weather was foggy and rainy, we had a blast walking around the lake and exploring the temples. They of course were crowded on the week before Tet (the Vietnamese lunar New Year).
Hanoi is famous for its Water Puppet Show. Figures of dragons and fishermen dance through the water controlled by bamboo poles hidden just below the surface. Villagers chase foxes away from their ducks and peacocks sail majestically around. The tradition of water puppets was created by fishermen in the red river delta during the flood season. The coolest is when fireworks are used.

On the way home from the theatre we stopped at a lakeside restaurant for desert. That triple dark chocolate cake sure was good, but the moment it hit my stomach, I regretted it. I still can’t believe Max and Quin ordered ice cream (the temperature was less than 10ْ C)
I was hoping the noise was going to die down but it didn’t. Hanoi is truly “the city that never sleeps”. Those earplugs came in very handy.

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