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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Where are we going from here??

I cannot tell you how appreciative we are for all of the emails, VM's, blog postings and prayers we have received over the past week. I intend to respond to each one once things slow down a bit.

We are still in Bangkok at Larry's house. We have booked an overnight train from Bangkok to Chang Mai for Friday night. I think we are all ready to push on with the adventure. The time here playing ping pong and pool (Aka Snooker) has been just what we need. Little did we know that our boys would leave Bangkok with a new Uncle and us with a new good friend. As my mother always said, there is always a silver lining to every dark cloud if you look hard enough.

On Tuesday, Joellen, Ben & I toured the Mercy Centre and had the honor of spending time with Father Joe. He has been living with and caring for the poor in Bangkok's slums for over 30 years. Currently his organization cares for nearly 300 kids and adults effected by AIDS. It was truly awe inspiring to spend time with him and experience first hand the good work they are doing. To learn more about him and his incredible organization, visit www.fatherjoe.org . If your resources allow, please don't overlook the 'Donate' button. It is money well spent, especially now considering that some of their normal sources of operating revenue will be diverted to the Tsunami disaster.

Yesterday we ventured out to take a Canal boat ride through Bangkok's extensive canal network. For 1000 Baht ($25) we had our own chauffeured long boat that took us on a site seeing tour complete with a stop at 'The Incredible Cobra World". There we saw monkeys, tigers, cobras, vipers, cocks, pythons - all very up close and personnel (check out the pics!). The boys were befriended by a pet monkey named Joey. He loved looking in everyone's pockets for treasures. The conditions of this off-the-beaten-track zoo are pretty awful, the people running it are kind, and once again you find yourself shaking your head as there are no easy answers.

Today or tomorrow we will visit Roger at the Hospital and do a little more shopping (Quin is ready to have shoes that match again). Roger's finger continues to heal. He received a skin graft yesterday and all seems to be healing nicely now that the infection is under control.

Best wishes to all for a Safe, Happy & Healthy New Year!!!


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