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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Children's Day in Chiang Mai

I remember standing in an aisle in McGuckins with Quin sometime ago. As he lay on the ground balancing a soccer ball on his feet, he was lamenting the fact that there is no Children's Day, but we get a Mother's and Father's Day. Lucky for Quin, Thailand celebrates Children's Day on January 8th.

We had a great first day in Chiang Mai after leaving Bangkok the night before on the night train and wow did we love the train. The boys love it because they can bounce off the walls, and I think I love it because it gives us time to process the experiences we just had before we launch into the next environment. We are very appreciative to Larry for his generosity in sharing his quiet refuge with us. We were also able to have a "celebration of life" dinner with Carrie, Roger, Hannah, Nathan and their friend Marsha. (Roger got out of the hospital on Friday and he gets to keep his finger - Hooray!) We spent some time trying to come up with a collective memory of the time after the tsunami and realized there were many small details that none of us (except Ben) could clearly remember. We are considering visiting their gang in Katmandu if all permits. Most of all I had time to reflect on how incredibly grateful I am for this journey and everyone I meet along the way and for all of you!

For now we are enjoying Chiang Mai. Suwai, a friend of a friend, met us at the train station at noon on Saturday, led us to a wonderful lunch and helped us find our lodging complete with a swimming pool (just what kids should have on Children's Day). Our big adventure led us to the night bazaar for dinner and a bit more shopping.

Today I am working on our action for the MAU website (Juliana and I are doing this really cool tag team thing since she's awake when I sleep and vise versa). It feels good to be working after reading the news yesterday of so many children orphaned by the tsunami. It feels so much more real to me now when I think of an AIDS or tsunami orphan or a parent having lost their child to a disaster, war or preventable disease. Watch for our new actions to be up in a couple of days at www.mothersactingup.org.

The boys are off on an adventure, riding elephants I think but who knows when you set off to where the wind takes you. Count on lots of great pictures.

Love to you all,


  • At April 8, 2009 at 1:25 PM, Blogger Chuck said…

    Thailand,glad you survived the tsunami.I saw pictures of a beach that I was on in Phuket,totally wiped out.

    Hope you have many travels in the future.


    Chuck Raderstorf


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