Raderstorf World Wide Adventure

Friday, November 26, 2004


I am the guest blogger!! So exciting.

This is Kathy in Tokyo blogging for the Raderstorfs. The visit so far has been exciting, fun, and funny. No earthquakes yet, but always to be expected.
I met the Raderstorfs at Shinjuku Station. Shinjuku is the biggest, busiest train station in the world and while I was waiting, the pushers were busy packing the trains with as many people as possible.
The Raderstorfs got off suprisingly unencumbered with luggage and surprisingly awake and ready to go. We got home, stayed up to bond and laugh and then to bed.
Oh, and then the fun began. First we had to get everybody set on their bikes, with helmets of course, and then we rode a few kilometers to Jindaiji, a 8th century Buddhist temple in western Tokyo. Because it was a weekday, the temple was not crowded and still beautiful with autumn leaves and foliage.
But that was not the memory that we made here. Jindaiji is famous for water and the soba noodles made from this water are particularly delicious. Sitting outside to enjoy both cold and hot noodles was the plan; pulling Quin out of the koi (carp) pond was not. But as travellers, you go with the flow and Quin was rescued and the noodle shop owners again came to the rescue with dry, but huge clothes for Quin. The tramatic experience was soon forgotten and the kids soon learned how to make leaf boats to float down the stream. A wonderful older woman from Hokkaido stopped to teach the kids what she said all young Japanese learn.

Okay, I guess we also didn't plan on a very high fever for Ben or an excruciatingly painful toothache for Max. Ben slept it off, while Greg and Scott got up at 4:30 to go to the Tsukiji fish market. A great, unique experience for them, but I still think Joellen and I were happy to sleep. Ah, but the toothache continued, but Greg to the rescue for Max. Friday morning was spent by Max, Scott and Greg in a dentist's office--root canal. Again, not in the plans for Tokyo. But better Japan than the jungles of Borneo.

Then off to Shinjuku to enjoy the city which included lunch, a visit to Tokyu Hands, and the basement of Takashimaya--Joellen and my favorite memory of her previous visit to Tokyo-cheese and wine in the basement of Takashimaya department store.

Greg was exhausted so home for the rest while Scott, Ben and I explored the electronic area of Shinjuku. Scott found this laptop that I am writing on to still be the best buy, but apparently other recently purchased electronics were obsolete. They seem fine to me.

Another yakinuku meal was enjoyed by all and here we are on Saturday considering a bike ride to the Tama River to see Mount Fuji. The kids are having the greatest time playing dog Monopoly and kick ball while the adults talk and talk and talk.

The Raderstorfs are off to Kyoto tomorrow and then Hiroshima. All too short here for us, but we know they have so much to see and we are looking forward to travelling virtually with them.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

One Flight down -- It's beautiful in Tucson

The goodbyes are over... After a few tears (well maybe more than a few) and many hugs & kisses we hopped on the bus to DIA. Thank you so much to all of the wonderful friends who came by to help and send us off last night and this morning. Checkout the web photo for the parade from our house, to the Trident and then on to the bus station (oh our aching backs!). The flight was quick and then our chauffeur (AKA my brother Ross) picked us up in Gretel The Hunk Of Metal (who recently retired to sunny Arizona). There is nothing like cruising with the top down in beautiful Tucson!

At this moment we are slipping cocktails in Ross & Carla kitchen, looking over the photos and thankful for a great start on this epic journey.

This is Scott 'Kerault' Raderstorf reporting on location in Tucson, AZ. Stay tuned for late breaking news.....

Monday, November 08, 2004

World Wide Adventure Map

World Wide Adventure Map
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This is it!!! Now you know where to find us!!