Raderstorf World Wide Adventure

Friday, October 22, 2004

The tickets are purchased!

Dear All,
As some of you know and some of you don't, we are heading off on a great journey on November 17th. The whole family is going and our education will be to learn about the world; different cultures, food, music, games, religions, our common love for our children and more. We have been pondering this trip for a long time and the time has come to make it a reality. We have met many families who have traveled anywhere from 5 to 15 months, all with a different story and suggestions of how to do the trip and all so grateful for the journey and the special time with their family. What a blessing to have advice from so many people who've journeyed before us.

So, we've booked the tickets and we've visited the travel clinic. Good first steps. Our plan is to know where we are going when we first get to a country and then have some open time to explore places we learn about. Scott and I will be the schoolmasters (more than likely Ben will be the one teaching us all!). As a passionate advocate for the world's inhabitants, Max will be researching the the health and well-being of all creatures on the planet. His class will track his journey on the "Where in the World is Max?" bulletin board. Quin will be our goodwill ambassador with his contagious smile and love of people. I will be gathering stories for the 2006 Mothers Acting Up Calendar: Mothers Beyond Borders. [Perhaps this is a good time to plug the 05 Calendar that arrived last week. It is really brilliant, and it has literally moved everyone to tears. So, if you can, consider buying one or ten (and get one free). It will make it much easier for me to leave town if half the calendars are sold! Visit
http://www.mothersactingup.org/ to order!]

We will be staying in touch with people via email. You are on our list if you have received this email. (And you can opt out from the emails if you like, by sending an email to WWA@raderstorf.com , no insult will be taken). We will also have a Blog setup soon @ http://www.raderstorf.com/. We will be keeping a journal on paper and of course we will put it online for all to see when we return.

If you have any contacts along our route we would greatly appreciate their names and emails and perhaps an introduction via email. It will be great to connect with folks along the way. Also, we are trying to balance adventure with service, so if you've heard of any great service projects please share this too. Please send any info to
scott@raderstorf.com .
Attached you can find our itinerary. More to follow...
With big love and hugs,
Joellen, Scott, Ben, Max and Quin

The Raderstorf’s World Wide Adventure

11/17 – 11/23 Tucson, AZ
11/24 – 12/03 Japan Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima
12/03 – 12/23 China Beijing to Kunming via Train, 3 Gorges Dam
12/23 – 01/02 Thailand Golden Buddha
01/02 – 02/08 SE Asia Northern Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia
02/08 – 02/15 Bali
02/15 – 03/08 New Zealand Auckland, South Island – Depart Christchurch
03/08 – 03/15 Australia Melbourne, Sydney, Depart Brisbane
03/16 – 03/17 Dubai
03/17 – 04/03 South Africa Johannesburg, Kruger National Park, Cape Town??
04/03 – 04/07 Mauritius
04/08 – 04/18 Turkey Istanbul, South Islands
04/18 – 05/02 Italy Cinque Terre